10 seconds in Heaven: B&M

Okay, so this is an advert. However, I’d happily bet that most of us are quite happy to watch this advert. Rocky have done a good job showing off their new bike and Vanderham fires off a trademark boost at the end so what’s not to like.

We’ve all got those stories from the trails that they’re alluding to in the video, but what really caught my eye was just how good the trails they were riding looked. Mind already wandering, this little thought experiment  got me day dreaming hard.

So what’s my perfect 10 seconds of trail?

It’s not an easy question and I could probably write an essay on it but, fortunately for you, I’ve only got a few hundred words. My first thought was party trains down A-line, but that felt a bit obvious. Then I thought to my local hill and the joy of old school English DH but I’m still scarred from how wet I got last time. I finally settled on a blind post work lap down Billy Epic in Whistler. I was chasing my friends wheel over sharp rocks, going a lot faster than I was comfortable with and generally loving it.

Ask me again tomorrow and I will probably have a different answer, but that’ll do for now. 


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