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3D Printed Mach Chickening: B&M

Gee Atherton is an animal, no doubt about it. That has been known for a while, but this video has just reinforced it. It would appear that the Hardline course was a bit too mellow for him. So instead he built a line on the edge of a cliff for the hell of it. What a man.

This wasn’t a chilled jump line either, it was huge step down after huge step down all ridden at mach chicken. Given that Dan Atherton has said the jumps were too big for him gives you an idea of the scale and speed that can’t really be shown in the video. Not your usual flow trail. Is this Gee priming himself for Rampage 2021? Based on this, I hope so.

Maybe he isn’t thinking about Rampage and this is just race training. He is literally riding on the edge (of the cliff), and everyone seems to say to win a World Cup you need to be riding the edge so.… Nope, I’m definitely clutching at straws there. 

Whatever it was, Gee treated us to big jumps, big speed and a big tomahawk, all slightly juxtaposed to violin music. It definitely inspired me to go and ride some 10ft table tops, that’s for sure.

— HG

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