5 Long Years: B&M

Stop what you’re doing and watch. It’s been 5 years since we last saw this combo grace the pixels and boy it’s good to have it back. George Brannigan, Queenstown, Motorhead and a shaky camera all come together to make a blinder of a video.

The phrase of ‘all killer, no filler’ is thrown around the bike world like a dog toy, often with little to back it up. I think this video should be the litmus test for if you can use that phrase. The video is hit after hit, and there’s no goggle-putting-on-shot or any of that nonsense. 

The gap at 1.21 was what really blew my mind. He looks like he lights a jet engine on the lip and doesn’t plan on coming back down to earth.  The speed, timing and pure bravery to go for that is astounding.

If you need more George Brannigan after that you can take a trip down memory lane and watch the original edit, after which you can come back to this one and repeat the process until the only thing you want to do is go ride your bike.


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