Saturday – I managed to get out for a big ride (roadie action) on Saturday and discovered why gravel bikes were invented… the map told me that the road carried on for twenty miles in to Palma but six miles down this particular road the asphalt turned in to a heavily potted and rock-strewn gravelway. Balls….. I thought about risking it but I know from experience road tyres can’t take the abuse. A six mile retreat shortly followed as I returned to the previous junction of options and then proceeded to make my way in out of my way for eleven miles before getting on track.
To add insult to injury, there was a sign at the junction, a cross covering a drop bar bike, and a big green circle around a mtb with chunky tyres. I had been too busy paying attention to the map and had ignored the real world clues around me. Balls. I still haven’t got the knack of getting up at dawn to beat the heat, and anyway, it is hard to coax a morning poo out two hours before it’s due. I have learnt how to drink copious amounts of water however, refilling the two bottles on my bike four times in eighty miles, dropping in the occasional electrolyte tab.
Sunday – new trails found on the bouncy bike from the back door… I’m starting to build ‘the knowledge’. Think london taxi driver, but with way less knowledge and replace thousands of roads with a trail count less than ten. I’m getting there and can link a few runs for two to three hour joy rides with chunky hour long climbs in the mix.

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