Alpine Trail — The Mountains Are Calling


The name ‘Alpine Trail’ in itself inspires thoughts of adventure, big terrain, the outdoors, mountains.

We will capture the essence of the new bike and showcase its capability in one beautifully filmed and upbeat video sequence that incorporates animated elements and an emotive soundtrack.

The video:
– Shows close-ups of the bike in action, impressive riding shots, and non-action (including pointing out the best bits of the new Alpine Trail)
– Entertains — the edit, animations and soundtrack have an element of humour
– Is about more than the bike — in order to gain the attention of a wide audience

– 1 x 2-minute video
– Selection of still images
– Social media posts
– Supporting material (press release, animated elements, etc.)

Riders: Matt Jones, Martha Gill
Locations: UK only
Total project cost: £7,500

Footnote: This is a simple overview. If you think this might be of interest and you would like to employ our services, we will put together a full overview for your viewing.

PS: We love working on any creative project and always give it our all — we try to make every project our best yet and aim to make this video a showpiece, bringing together our best ideas and most creative collaborators.

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