Another Dimension: B&M

I’m a right sucker for a Joe Barnes video, especially when the animations are as good as they in this one. They have a Monthy Python feel to them and tell a very emotional story that most mountain bikers will relate to, before transporting us to the 6th dimension for some hardtail action.

Talking of other dimensions, Morzine and it’s berms, jumps and braking bumps feels like it may as well be in distant dimension for us Brits. The abysmal weather of May (yes, that’s meant to be summer) has had me longing for claw like hands and dusty trails but unfortunately the C-word is preventing most of us from getting out there. 

Instead, we’ll just have to make do with watching Peaty tear up Pleney. He may have retired from racing a while ago now but man has he still got it (less sure about the goggles only look however).

Hold fast folks, one day the trails will be dry and we’ll be able to batter ourselves down Pleney’s braking bumps again.


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