Art? B&M

A lot of mountain biking videos that end up on Youtube are quite same-y. Whether that is ‘a day in the life’ vlog or a super sick shreddit, you generally know what you’re getting into. When a Joe Barnes video appears however, you know it will be something different.

It was the Oscars last night, and for some reason that escapes me, this short video wasn’t even on the nominee list. Maybe it was just a bit too late of a release to make it in, because otherwise I am sure it would have been there.

It had everything you can ask for from a short film. Spoon playing, the drama of a crash, Van cam and a beautiful bromance beach scene. There’s even some bike riding in there to keep the purists happy. It truly is art.

Even if it doesn’t win an Oscar, I can guarantee this video will put a smile on your face and have you grabbing you bike for a ride. That’s probably worth more than an Oscar anyway?!


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