Big Speed and Boneshaking: B&M

At the start of the year, the 22nd and 23rd May were going to be filled with loud shouting, midges and likely a load of rain as the best in the world battered down the Fort William World Cup track in search of glory.

As we all know by now, everyone’s least favourite virus put a stop to that plan. However, with mountain biking being a sport where #contentcreation (a small part of me died writing that) is nearly as important as having air in your tyres means that many stepped up to provide us with our fill of rock smashing entertainment.

First, Gee Atherton took us for run down the famous track and blew minds with the speed he was going.

Second, Matt Walker gave us a (very) brief history lesson before tucking his way down the track.

Third and finally, Euan Thompson rode the World Cup track flat out on a hardtail. 

You what?! 

Yes take a look below as he takes us on a not so smooth but ever so fast run.

If you can’t tell Fort Bill, mountain biking misses you. Until next year.


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