More ludicrous moves from Braydon Bringhurst on a Canyon Spectral riding in Idaho, USA. Bonkers downhill and back up again. Also very nicely filmed. We like.

From Canyon:

What is mountain biking? What defines the sport? Is it speedy downhill runs? Power climbs? Technical handling artistry? Big jumps? Style moves? What if it was… all of those things? Braydon Bringhurst takes all the elements of mountain biking that he loves, chops and blends it. The result? The Whole Shebang; a video that mountain biking is everything you want it to be.

For a video that showcases Brayden’s versatility, it also highlights the versatility of his bike choice: the Canyon Spectral. A bike with tons of travel, lots of lightweight flickability and handling capability, there really was no other choice. “It absolutely plays to every strength I have,” Bringhurst says. “I can fly down a flow trail confidently, do my jibs, my 360s, climb the technical stuff, whip, bunny hop… it’s just perfect for my style of riding, and not heavy in any one aspect. I want to ride the trail on a trail bike, and it exemplifies what that represents.”

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