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Here we go! It’s been a long time coming but finally, the World Cup Downhill starts this weekend in Leogang. Most racers have been out in Europe for the last week or two, dialling in their bikes and getting up to speed.

There’s been no shortage of media either.  Wyn’s privateer fund is live (go donate). We went not racing last weekend. We’ve had podcasts from Mikayla Parton, Greg Williamson and a season preview from Making up the Numbers. Reece Wilson has given us a behind the scenes look at growing up in the Tweed Valley and the Syndicate has taken a look at Greg Minnaar’s off season.

This was a huge play from Greg Minnaar in my opinion. Calling out younger riders, training before the sun comes up and shredding a street track all show he is at the top of his game (maybe less so the street track).

With DH being so much about the mental game and confidence, it’s a bold strategy that Minnaar is taking but if there’s one person who can pull it off it is the G.O.A.T. Furthermore, there are few DH fans who would be unhappy to see him on top of the box. 

Who’s your money on for this weekend?


Side note: We’re giving the people what they want  and have started a Bangers and Mash fantasy league which you can join here (if you read this far down).


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