Downhill and Enduro Yearbooks 2019

It’s pretty amazing to think that we are currently working on the fourth edition of Hurly Burly — the downhill yearbook — with The World Stage 3 simultaneously in production.

When we started producing these annual roundups of the UCI DH World Cup and Enduro World Series, it was through passion for the sport and the desire to have a permanent record of each season of racing. Everything about every race in one place.

We’ve come a long way since 2016 when we began making these books — and we’ve produced plenty of other publications in that time — and now in 2019 our team of contributors and the production crew are bigger and stronger than ever.

Stay tuned for Hurly Burly 4, the 2019 downhill yearbook, out late October; and The World Stage 3 Enduro World Series yearbook, out late November. Two real treats just in time for Christmas.

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DH 2019 World Cup Finals Snowshoe – Results

What a race. Snowhshoe delivered. Nail biting excitement in the men’s and the women’s.

1st: Danny Hart
2nd: Amaury Pierron
3rd: Charlie Harrison
4th: Loic Bruni
5th: Greg Minnaar
Full Results

1st: Marine Cabirou
2nd: Myriam Nicole
3rd: Veronika Widmann
4th: Tahnee Seagrave
5th: Tracey Hannah
Full Results

Junior Men
1st: Thibaut Daprela
2nd: Luke Meier-Smith
3rd: Lucas Cruz
4th: Matthew Sterling
5th: Janosch Klaus
Full Results

Junior Women
1st: Vali Höll
2nd: Anna Newkirk
3rd: Mille Johnset
4th: Mckenna Merten

Full Results

2019 DH World Champs Results: Mont Sainte Anne

1st: Loic Bruni
2nd: Troy Brosnan
3rd: Amaury Pierron
4th: Danny Hart
5th: Greg Minnaar

Full results

1st: Myriam Nicole
2nd: Tahnee Seagrave
3rd: Marine Cabirou
4th: Tracey Hannah
5th: Emilie Siegenthaler

Full results

Junior Men’s
1st: Kye A’Hern
2nd: Antoine Vidal
3rd: Tuhoto-Ariki Pene
4th: Lucas Cruz
5th: Thibaut Daprela

Full results

Junior Women’s
1st: Vali Höll
2nd: Mille Johnset
3rd: Anna Newkirk
4th: Nastasia Gimenez
5th: Jordan Scott

Full results

Sven Martin – Downtime Podcast

Sven Martin - Downtime Podcast

Sven Martin is one of our photographers for Hurly Burly and The World Stage, but he’s more than just our photographer. Sven has been a staple in mountain biking for well over a decade, who’s helped progress the sport into new directions all the while capturing some of the most iconic images.

We’re lucky enough to work with Sven on our books, and this podcast gives you an insight his life, photography and mountain biking. Great stuff from Chris at The Downtime Podcast.

French DH National Champs Results – Alpe d’Huez

French DH National Champs Results - Alpe d'Huez

This weekend saw the French National DH Champs in Alpe d’Huez, and it was Marine Cabirou who took the win in the Elite women’s field, ten seconds ahead of Mélanie Chappaz. The men’s race was ultimately upstaged by the junior, Thibaut Daprela who took the fastest time of the day and the Elite national sleeve, ahead of Remi Thirion.

The three dominating Frenchmen, Loïc Bruni, Loris Vergier and Amaury Pierron sat this race out.

Overall Results:


1: Thibaut Daprela
2: Rémi Thirion
3: Baptiste Pierron
4: Thomas Estaque
5: Alexandre Fayolle

Full Results


1: Marine Cabirou
2: Mélanie Chappaz
3: Agnes Delest
4: Fiona Ourdouillie
5: Mathilde Bernard

Full Results

Dean Lucas talks to John Hall and Aaron Pelttari – AOTE Podcast

Dean Lucas talks to John Hall and Aaron Pelttari -
An Off track experience

Dean Lucas is just off the back of a 10th place finish at the last World Cup in Les Gets, but he’s also been spending time with some of the most interesting figures in WC racing, for his (relatively) new podcast called An Off Track Experience.

During Les Gets last weekend he sat down with John Hall and Aaron Pelttari, the mechanics for Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan.

“On this episode of the podcast I sit down with two of the most well know and charismatic mechanics on the world cup circuit. They are both lucky enough to be able to wrench at a world cup level and call it a full time job. Former team members and now good friends John Hall and Aaron Pelttari along with their riders Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan have racked up countless wins and overalls together in recent years. With ridicules speed week in and week out and floorless consistency out of both of these rides you always wonder how much of that comes from them and how much comes from the people they have around them making sure everything is dialled.

With our sport being won and lost by the smallest of margins every little bit counts so having complete faith in your mechanic and being able to work through a race weekend more efficiently might just give you that 1% you were looking for.

Lets see what they think.

Enjoy the chat!”

Well worth a listen.

Les Gets World Cup Course Talk with Eliot Jackson

We are out here soaking up the atmosphere and coughing up the dust of Les Gets World Cup. And what a race it promises to be! Flat out from start to finish, the track, which hasn’t changed a great deal since 2004 World Champs, is quite unlike anything else on the World Cup circuit. Probably best let the pros talk us through it, so here’s Eliot Jackson with a dose of positivity and insight.

Finals Results – Andorra World Cup 2019

High drama racing today from Andorra, we saw plenty of dust, crashes and near misses.

Rachel Atherton took the win, Marine Cabirou in second and Tracey Hannah in third, despite a crash in one of the final corners. In the men’s Loic Bruni came out victorious, closely followed by Loris Vergier in second and Troy Brosnan in third.

Full Men’s Results 

Full Women’s Results

Full Junior Men’s Results

Full Junior Women’s Results

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