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Chris Burkard MTB Film: The Constant Gardener

Chris Burkard sure has an eye for a spectacular photograph and, it seems, a penchant for pedalling many miles on a mountain bike.

Burkard’s love for two-wheeled adventures is beginning to filter through his ever-popular work, and this short film (for Specialized) about trail builder Dillon Osleger by Chris Burkard Studio is hopefully the first of many storytelling motion pieces to come.

From Chris Burkard Studio:

Soil Searching: Dillon Osleger

“I am a trail builder, a scientist, a backcountry skier, a fly fisher, a surfer, a trail runner, and a climate advocate. Activism is my response to seeing snowpacks dissipate year by year, seeing dams take away native fish populations, watching sewage and disaster take away surf breaks.

I have seen the beginning of trails being lost to resource extraction and climate-related natural disaster, there is no time to wait for us as a community to rise up and join the fight for the environment. We must vote, consider our impacts, and shift our perspectives to look beyond the ribbon of singletrack, to see the forest for the trees. I will leave you with this film as the first swing of a McLeod in building a trail towards a more sustainable future for our sport.” — Dillon Osleger

New project for Specialized Mountain Biking Featuring Dillion Osleger

Director: Chris Burkard

Director of Photography: Ryan Espinosa

Executive Producer: Fanie Kok

Producer: Mike Sandifer

Edit, colour, sound design: Ryan Espinosa

1st AC: Nick Nelson

Drone Operators: Nick Nelson Chris Burkard

Score: Nash Howe

Digital Technician: Jeremy Bishop

Set PA: Kevan Doyle

Photos Provided: By Dillon Osleger

Additional Footage: Tim Terry Sashwa Burrous

Special Thanks: Truckee Dirt Union, Sage Trail Alliance, Alex Osleger, Amity Rockwell, The Osleger-Montanez Family

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