Cold Hands and Cold Waves: B&M

I don’t know why but I have always looked up to surfing as a sport. There’s something about it that I just think is ‘cool’. Partly this is due to the simplicity of it; you can’t get a flat on a surf board for example, but more so than that, it’s the never ending commitment to finding the perfect wave. That never ending search to ride the best wave is inspirational for me.

Unfortunately, this inspiration does not equal skill. I have stood up on a surf board all of probably three times, and on the rare occasions I have stood up, I have then proceed to fall off almost straight away.

My quietly harboured dream of becoming a nomadic surfer travelling in search of the perfect wave (something that is fantastically documented in the book Barbarian Days by William Finnegan) is not looking likely then.

Perhaps I can make up for this by taking this approach to mountain biking instead? The idea of the perfect ride is something that has enticed many a mountain biker in the past and maybe it’s time to revisit that idea.

Where would you go?


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