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Dave n John’s Book Barginz


Dave n John's book barginz

The boss has told us to clear out his shed to make space for some new stuff — dunno what it is though. Any clues, Dave? Oh yeah, so anyway, we got loadza big dealz for ya. Get down the sale below and bag your good self some barginz. — John


– All books bigly discounted and you get 10% extra off if you buy more than one 

– Bundle packs are even more of a bargain

– All orders over £65 get a free Misspent Summers 2021 wall calendar worth £15

– All orders over £100 get a free t-shirt* and 2021 wall calendar

– TWS Disc Tee and Tee&B are now only £15 each (that’s a bargain, Dave, it’s well nice)

*We’ll contact you about size and design


The World Stage Savage Bundle

£30  Now £25

Enduro World Series Yearbooks — the best photography and writing from the enduro mountain bike series. All three books as a bundle pack.

Hurly Burly Proper Alright Bundle

£50  Now £34

Hurly Burly Yearbook — the best photography and writing from the downhill mountain bike world cup.

Mega super bundle


Dave, this is the best ever: Every Hurly Burly and The World Stage, Deathgrip Book and Eskapee Anthology 2.

Fast stuff bundle


Every Hurly Burly and The World Stage book in one extra-super-wowzers package.


Hurly Burly 4, 2019

£15  Now £10

Hurly Burly 4 covers the 2019 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup series and World Championships. The best images, writing and design.

The World Stage 3, 2019

£15  Now £10

The World Stage 3 is the 2019 Enduro World Series yearbook, featuring every event from the 2019 series.

Deathgrip Book

£15  Now £10

Deathgrip book documents the 12+ months of shredding and filming of Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough’s landmark movie project.

Eskapee Anthology 2

£20  Now £14

Eskapee is mountain bike culture. And Anthology brings Eskapee’s celebrated storytelling to life, from online to beautiful paper and ink.

Misspent Summers 2021 Calendar

£15  Now £10

The Misspent Summers 2021 Mountain Bike Calendar. It makes for the perfect Christmas present for mountain bike (MTB) riders and all cyclists.

Hurly Burly 3, 2018

£15  Now £10

Hurly Burly 3 is the 2018 downhill mountain bike yearbook, covering the entire 2018 UCI DH World Cup and Championships season.

The World Stage 2, 2018

£15  Now £10

The World Stage 2 is the 2018 Enduro World Series yearbook, covering every race of the 2018 EWS season. Results, reports, photography.

Hurly Burly 2, 2017

£15  Now £10

Hurly Burly 2 is the 2017 downhill mountain bike yearbook by Misspent Summers.

Shredder MTB Zine: Issue 7

£6  Now £4

Shredder zine issue 7, the ‘Timeless’ issue is packed full of features from the UK and global mountain bike scene.

Cranked: Issue 22

£10  Now £8

Cranked MTB Magazine issue 22 is the ‘feed your curiosity’ issue. The magazine takes a trip to South Africa’s wine region to do and much more.

The World Stage 1, 2017

£15  Now £10

The World Stage is the 2017 Enduro World Series mountain bike yearbook, covering the world’s leading enduro race series.

Hurly Burly 1, 2016

£15  Now £10

Hurly Burly is the 2016 downhill mountain bike yearbook. A year of highs and lows and it was the first of our yearbooks. Get your piece of history.

Bargain bucket

Eskapee sticker


Eskapee is all about mountain bike community and culture. Represent. It’s a nice logo, too.

The World Stage Disc Tee

£24.99  Now £15

Is it a flying saucer? Maybe a glazed doughnut? A frisbee? Printed on a lovely t-shirt. Rear disc design too. Subtle.

Whip N Tuck Postcard


All the shapes you always wished you could pull on a beautiful postcard to keep or send.


£29.99  Now £15

We loved Tommy C’s latest film so much we’ve made this t-shirt. Now you can show how much you love it too.

Hero Dirt Postcard


It’s always raining somewhere — which means hero dirt aplenty. Send someone positivity. 

Served: T&B Zine

£5  Now £3

A6 size (goes in your pocket). 72 pages. Full of nonsense. Highly recommended.


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