DIY BMX Ramp — Fly Bikes ‘Coastin’ Video: Friday Expedition

If you are looking for how to build a DIY BMX ramp, look no further than Fly Bikes’ Coastin’ film from 2014-ish. Sergio Layos, Ruben Alcantara and co. built these amazingly simple — but effective — ramps and took them to the streets/everywhere on a tour of creative riding. Wish you’d thought of this? Never mind, there’s a ‘how-to’ make the ramp below.

Making a DIY BMX ramp (or skate/MTB/etc.) isn’t a simple task, but the Fly Bikes technique makes it about as easy as it could be. It also makes you think of all the possibilities for those scraps of wood and old pallets in the garden/shed/kitchen/roof/walls. I mean, the house isn’t going to notice a few missing planks or supports anyway. Get out on a virtual expedition with the film above and then enjoy the weekend crafting your own DIY BMX ramp at home.

Fly Bikes

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