It’s pretty amazing to think that we are currently working on the fourth edition of Hurly Burly — the downhill yearbook — with The World Stage 3 simultaneously in production.

When we started producing these annual roundups of the UCI DH World Cup and Enduro World Series, it was through passion for the sport and the desire to have a permanent record of each season of racing. Everything about every race in one place.

We’ve come a long way since 2016 when we began making these books — and we’ve produced plenty of other publications in that time — and now in 2019 our team of contributors and the production crew are bigger and stronger than ever.

Stay tuned for Hurly Burly 4, the 2019 downhill yearbook, out late October; and The World Stage 3 Enduro World Series yearbook, out late November. Two real treats just in time for Christmas.

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