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Mons Royale presents Revolutions: Peter’s Kaisers Unique perspective on riding in New Zealand

‘Revolutions takes place throughout the South Island of New Zealand and features Austrian mountain biker Peter Kaiser exploring some iconic mountain biking locations alongside some scenic secret ones, all from his unique viewpoint on a mountain bike.

It plays on the title “Revolutions” as a theme, metaphor and motivation for the style of production. Utilising circular camera movements, and circular editing it show instances of revolving – the movement of an object in a circular or elliptical course around its axis or centre. Also, it’s a title for an ever-changing project with a few speed bumps along the way.”

“Doing the same thing again and again always seemed like the most boring thing to me. By now I feel like Revolutions in that sense are repetitive yet always leave me with a different outcome. Pedalling a bike initially is always the same motion, yet always gets me to different, beautiful places in nature. It can be doing the same trick over and over, yet it will never feel exactly the same. It may be the same roll of film in a camera, yet each photo tells a different story. I think these ever-changing experiences are what keep me circling around these two passions. I love the variety of bikes and cameras leave me with. This video showcases my passion for riding bikes and the creative connection I have developed within.” – Peter Kaiser’

Video by Mons Royale

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