Fort William World Cup 2022 Qualifying Results

Fort William World Cup 2022 qualifying results are in! Wowzers. What a day. Photos and notes incoming from Sven Martin, Boris Beyer and Seb Schieck – check our Instagram or newsletters for a free dose of amazing images and insight from today’s qualification session. Not everyone you’d expect got their ticket for finals – some big names missed out on the top-60 qualifying spots in elite men. Results below.

Notes from Fort Wheel-destroyer qualifying:

  • Sad start to the day as the Union team found all their bikes, spares and even goggles had been stolen overnight (if you have any info, give them or Steel City Media a shout). Santa Cruz Syndicate team and mechanics rushed to their help, building bikes from spare parts to get the whole team rolling for qualis. Fair play
  • Notable elite men finishing outside the top-60 qualifying places included Phil Atwill, Brook Macdonald, Aaron Gwin, Sam Blenkinsop
  • Loic Bruni is out with a broken collar bone from practice
  • Kiwi pinner Jess Blewitt, who had a horror crash in Snowshoe 2021 World Cup, unfortunately crashed and is also out with a broken collar bone. Get well soon
  • 50% – that’s five out of ten, or half (do we need to make this any clearer?) – of the top-10 elite male qualifiers were British. Big up Laurie Greenland in first and Charlie Hatton in second
  • Greg Minnaar finished third, which is impressive. But photographer Sven Martin is not happy about the ‘weak’ 4% ‘Mountain Goat’ signature beer Minnaar is pushing. Full review coming soon
  • Congrats to Camille Balanche, proving her speed and skills with the qualifying win. Vali Höll was 1.7s back in second place, but the Austrian had an excursion into a drainage ditch. Finals should be exciting
  • Jackson Goldstone’s junior men’s winning time would have put him fourth in elites – just saying
  • Phoebe Gale killed it in junior women’s with a 13s winning margin
  • Check out the qualifying results here

Fort William World Cup 2022 Elite Men Qualifying Results

Fort William World Cup 2022 Elite Women Qualifying Results

Fort William World Cup 2022 Junior Men Qualifying Results

Fort William World Cup 2022 Junior Women Qualifying Results

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