Misspent Summers designer extraordinaire Chris Jones’s studio is a veritable Tardis of quality and cool book-related stuff.

Shelves are stacked with books and magazines and flyers and posters from years in the trade. Drawers are full of cuttings and paper and tests. Most of all, the walls are constantly adorned with pages and pages of print-outs: type tests, image trials, covers, a bit of everything.

One project that stuck on the wall for nearly two years is The World Stage. Today, at long last, TWS had to come down to make way for fresh futures. But, Chris being Chris, probably our favourite yearbook yet was never just going to be consigned to the archives as a stack of paper.

Here’s some images of the making of a book about the making of a book.

Check out (and buy) The World Stage (the finished one) here and The World Stage 2 here.