Ireland’s greatest enduro export, Greg Callaghan, recently sat down with us in Finale Ligure to flick through The World Stage 2 and relive the entire 2018 Enduro World Series race season.

Here’s what filmer Ben Winder had to say about the video:

We caught up with Greg in Finale Ligure while he was putting in some pre-season training on the Italian Riveria. Grabbed a few beers, pointed our cameras, and let him run wild (with words), looking through The World Stage 2. He meanders through the pages, reliving the season page by page, giving us his unique athlete perspective on the year and our precious EWS Yearbook.

Massive thanks to Greg for sitting down and talking with us. We appreciate it.

We think it’s worth watching, but you don’t really need to even watch it. You can just listen. Call it a podcast if you like.