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The Morton brothers are one of the best things to happen to the skinny tyre genre of bike racing. You may have seen Lachlan racing the length of the UK, taking Everesting World records (twice) or just racing in top level competions such as the Giro D’Italia. 

His brother Gus was also a professional biker racer, but they both found that over time they had burnt out and lost track of why they were racing their bikes. The Thereabouts series is about them going back to their roots and remembering why they ride. It’s a great watch and sums up perfectly the freedom riding a bike brings.

I have been out on the road bike a lot recently, clocking up some miles and have to admit to have been enjoying it. Getting back into it has led to a few of ‘those’ rides however. 

I’m talking about the ones where you completely overstretch yourself, run out of food and water and crawl home to eat 4 packets of biscuits and fall asleep on the sofa. This somehow happens to me more than I would like to admit.

I do feel it is a rite of passage of riding a bike though, and pretty much every cyclist you meet would be able to tell you (potentially highly embellished)  stories from their version of ‘those’ rides. Secretly, I think we all cherish these rides most of all. 

That’s the great thing about bikes. They give you the ability to push yourself, descend into a pit of despair and come out the other side intact. What a machine. 


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