History Maker or Youtuber? B&M

So yes, Hardline happened yesterday. If you haven’t watched it yet go and watch the replay – how good is that step down to steep straight to berm destruction!

If you’re hard-lined out, clear 3 hours and settle down with this chat with the one and only Sam Hill.

Sam Hill has always been a bit of a silent assassin but this definitely doesn’t slow him down – if anything it speeds him up. I grew up during the Ironhorse era, and his riding inspired (and continues to inspire) me and many others. 

It came as a shock then, when chatting to a younger rider, that they didn’t really know much about him.

I mean come on! This is Sam Hill we’re talking about! Champery, Val Di Sol, flat pedals, the dirt 1.04 destruction are but a few of the numerous pieces of mountain bike history this man has written. AND, he’s achieved all this and is still as humble as he is in this podcast. 

I guess that’s just the price you pay for not having a Youtube channel..

Please, if Sam Hill doesn’t register for you as one of the world’s greatest, watch this. That guy who’s riding just looks to be on another level to everyone else – that’s Sam Hill.

Okay, okay, breath…


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