Hitting Hard: B&M

I don’t really know what to say here. The crash in this video is the worst I have ever seen and whilst it is amazing seeing Gee up and walking 3 weeks after, a part of me is somewhat conflicted.

It’s not that I don’t want to watch Gee riding bonkers lines, I just don’t want it to go wrong, and I am a bit confused as to what reaction we should all have.

Gee obviously knows how to ride and manage risk, and he’s obviously driven to ride these lines, so no one’s in a position to stop him. I just think it’s key to know Gee is doing for himself rather than some form of one-uping.

Gee, if you’re reading this (unlikely), I think the mountain bike world would concur with me that you’ve got nothing to prove. We all love seeing you ride mad lines, but we also love seeing you get down them safely.

HG – (The guy at Crankworx 2019 whose mind you blew by asking for some tyres)

BIG BIG kudos to all the emergency response staff in this situation. What a bunch of hero’s.

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