This is the About Us page.

In this space, we are expected to enormously glamorise what we do – which is collating words and photos and Pritt Sticking them into some sort of order we like.

Read on if you must, otherwise just gawp at our books and support or commission us if you like what you see.

Many thanks.

Misspent Summers is James McKnight’s take on modern media.

The company brings some of cycling’s best designers, photographers, writers and videographers together to produce unique, long-lasting publications online and in print.

Whether it be electronic or paper and ink, high quality or grungy simplicity, the aim is to tell a story, inspire people to get out there, and to create a product that is cherished.

We only ever use small, passionate and dedicated teams. We really, deeply care about the end result and wish every person on any project to be as involved as we are.

We are only as good as our last publication and strive to make each one our best yet.


James has more than a decade of experience working in cycling media.

In that time he has held Editor positions at Dirt Magazine, Bike Magic and several standalone publications. He has also contributed to many other cycling titles, recently including Pinkbike, Red Bull Media and Mountain Biking UK.

He has overseen projects big and small – print, online, spoken word, video and events.

Enjoys an optimistic deadline as much as proving the unrealistic feasible.

Occasionally fails, but for every stumble strides.

Sometimes his work even reaches into the Big Wide World outside of bikes. In this strange place, he poses as a consultant and instigator for corporate media, marketing and branding. Discuss.

He is from a background of mountain bike racing, outdoor living and constant travel. From a long family line of artists, making and doing is in his blood. In the early days (years), his income was supplemented by work as a guide in Europe’s key mountain bike destinations.

James is currently writing about himself (SAD!).

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