It’s a Farmer’s Life: B&M

Well, this does look fun. There’s something innately satisfying about watching a freshly dug track get ripped to shreds. If you’re sat there thinking ‘Yeah I’ve seen that happen before, so what?’, then put seatbelts on your eyes, as not only does this video have some fine riding, but it also features a tractor! What more could you want?

Perhaps a farming mountain bike crossover is the next big thing? In both activities (yes I know, it’s a stretch to compare farming and riding) you get covered in muck, transport yourself using fat tyres machine and dig things up. Maybe 2021 will be the year of the mountain biking farmer. Soon the quad bikes will be long forgotten tools replaced by an e-bike. Imagine schralping berms while you round up your cows. 

I mean let’s be honest now, we all know that compare to farming, riding a bike is a piece of cake. Or is it?

— HG

Video credit: The Real Tommy C

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