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Image from Vital MTB/Sven Martin.

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We’ve been lightly slaving away to get our new merchandise store up and running. In the near future you’ll find available to purchase t-shirts and other paraphernalia by our designers, photographers, contributors, illustrators and friends.

We want to build our offering so that we can continue our mission to renovate cycling media in a modest yet noteworthy manner. We all care about sustainability – of our company and the planet on which it is based – so we are taking our time to ensure this next move is done with a long future in mind. Short term gains are not what we are about.

Check back soon.

ews 2019 madeira final results

Elite Men
1st – Martin Maes: 32:59.450
2nd – Jose Borges: +32
3rd – Jesse Melamed: +38.58
4th – Adrien Dailly: +45.08
5th – Sam Hill: +50.12

Elite Women
1st – Isabeau Courdurier: 38:35.220
2nd – Noga Korem: +53.25
3rd – Ella Conolly: +1:05.52
4th – Morgane Charre: +1:06.82
5th – Anita Gehrig: +1:22.56

ews 2019 madeira day one results

Elite Men
1st – Martin Maes: 12:59.530
2nd – Adrien Dailly: +19.31
3rd – Jose Borges: +23.59
4th – Sam Hill: +24.52
5th – Eddie Masters: +27.22

Elite Women
1st – Isabeau Courdurier: 15:24.920
2nd – Ella Conolly: +22.34
3rd – Anita Gehrig: +25.98
4th – Morgane Charre: +26.35
5th – Laura Charles: +29.33

Full day one results

start lists maribor world cup 2019

Men full qualifying start list

Women full qualifying start list

Junior Men

Junior Women

Greg Callaghan Talks Enduro World Series

Ireland’s greatest enduro export, Greg Callaghan, recently sat down with us in Finale Ligure to flick through The World Stage 2 and relive the entire 2018 Enduro World Series race season.

Here’s what filmer Ben Winder had to say about the video:

We caught up with Greg in Finale Ligure while he was putting in some pre-season training on the Italian Riveria. Grabbed a few beers, pointed our cameras, and let him run wild (with words), looking through The World Stage 2. He meanders through the pages, reliving the season page by page, giving us his unique athlete perspective on the year and our precious EWS Yearbook.

Massive thanks to Greg for sitting down and talking with us. We appreciate it.

We think it’s worth watching, but you don’t really need to even watch it. You can just listen. Call it a podcast if you like.


Athertons’ New Downhill Bike

Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton just launched their new bike company, Atherton Bikes, with a host of talent behind the new brand and technology developed by Robot Bike Co (which is now no more). Their first rideable downhill bike, which they are developing for the 2019 UCI World Cup DH season, looks awesome.

Atherton Bikes Launched

We had to write about this. Mountain biking’s most prominent and successful family, the Athertons, have just launched their own bike company. This is big news in itself, but the best bit is seeing a friend of Misspent Summers involved in the whole process. Ed Haythornthwaite was one of the crew we worked with at Dirt Magazine, a self-acclaimed bike boffin with a habit for loud music. Since leaving Dirt, ed set up his own bike company with a crew of folk passionate about bikes and progressing the way they are made. Robot Bike Co brought something new to the table in its ‘printed’ (Ed will kill me for writing that – it’s technically ‘additive manufacturing’ and different to 3D printing) frame parts that allowed for literally thousands of frame geometry options for customers. That company now becomes Atherton Bikes, and we look forward to seeing what Ed, the Athertons and their investors do next. And we can’t wait to see the new downhill bike! Or maybe we already have? Anyway, congratulations to all involved, and thanks to Robot for helping us get Misspent Summers off the ground – check the Robot ad from Hurly Burly 1 above.

Loic Bruni Talks – 2018 Season Recap

The man, the legend. Loic Bruni is one of the true superstars of downhill racing, a multiple World Champion and seemingly-flawless role model for aspiring riders. The smooth talking Frenchman recently took the time to look through our 2018 downhill yearbook, Hurly Burly 3, reliving the highs and lows of the season as he flicked through its 200+ pages. Thirty-seven minutes of World Champion-level chat! What a hero. Thanks Loic.

The World Stage 2 – Production

Look out for our second Enduro World Series yearbook, The World Stage 2. Coming soon. We are deep in production…

2019 Mountain Bike Calendar – Andy Lloyd

Andy Lloyd is one of the Misspent Summers crew, responsible for behind-the-scenes photo work on certain titles. You may also recognise his home studio setup in all our book overview shots. One of the best photographers in the business, Andy shoots for mainstream press as well as cycling editorial features. His shots appear in newspapers, magazines and advertising campaigns the world over. If you are looking for a bit of two-wheeled art for your wall, look no further than his 2019 calendar. A collection of truly stunning and inspirational photos. Plus, all the most important dates are marked (MTB World Cups, we mean). Get one for £15 here.

Chris Akrigg – From there to Here

This is the best thing to happen to mountain biking films in a long time. A classic story very well told, with some of the most progressive bike riding ever seen. Congratulations to Misspent Summers friend Victor Lucas and Chris Akrigg on the production of this timeless MTB documentary. Check it out.

Hurly Burly 3 – On Sale Now

After all the late nights and cups of tea during several weeks of production, we are finally proud to present our latest downhill yearbook, Hurly Burly 3.

On sale now at

Hurly Burly 3 – Pre-Order Now

After several weeks of full-time chaos at Misspent Summers UK office, things have finally settled down and tightened up in terms of Hurly Burly 3, our 2018 downhill World Cup and Championships season yearbook. Over 200 pages of editorial features, including hundreds of the best photos and dozens of reports, comment and opinion pieces are delivered in a high-quality product printed in the UK.

You can pre-order now, with our post team beginning to send out parcels on Nov 29. That means it’ll be a bit of a wait, but well worth it. If you want to be sure to get a copy before Christmas, now is the time to place your order. It’ll help us organising postage too, so we thank you in advance.

Go to to pre-order.

Hurly Burly 3 – Production

It’s finally that time of year when all our hard work and preparation starts to come together into a final product. Chris Jones is hard at work putting the words and photos from a season of hard-fought downhill racing into his typically clean but interesting design template. This year’s book will feature 220 pages of hard-hitting downhill action, with hundreds of the season’s best images, every round reported, results and series standings recorded and a little insight behind the scenes of World Cup racing from some of its more experienced observers and journalists. Stay tuned – HB3 out mid-November.

The World Stage 2

Our Enduro World Series yearbook, The World Stage, is coming up to its second edition. We are working simultaneously on Hurly Burly 3 and TWS 2 right now. Expect a late-2018/early-2019 on-sale for The World Stage.


Travel Guides

We are working on a series of mountain bike travel guidebooks. These cover great mountain biking destinations with relaxed writing and photography to the highest possible standard. For 2019 we will launch this product as an offering for mountain bike resorts and destinations. Stay tuned.

Mike Rose Joins Misspent Summers

From snapping candid photographs of downhill racing’s superstars to some of the sport’s defining action images, his days on the World Cup circuit to his 16 years as editor of Dirt Magazine, Rose’s influence on mountain biking is so great it is almost immeasurable.

He will hate me saying that. He’s an incredibly modest guy who just likes to get rad with bikes and ceramics (yep, pots and stuff). And tea. Having shared an office at Dirt Mag, I learned a lot about the art of the brew (among other things – publishing, for example) from Rose.

Joining as co-Director, Mike brings his wealth of experience and his unique view of bicycles and dirt action to Misspent Summers. He will help take this publishing venture to new realms in the near future.

First though, our 2018 downhill and enduro yearbooks.

Hurly Burly Downhill Yearbook 3

Our third downhill yearbook, Hurly Burly 3, is in production.

Following the success of our 2016 and 2017 downhill yearbooks, this latest offering aims to build on the foundations of the last two years of publishing. We will up the quality even further still. Meanwhile, a new co-Director with a wealth of experience in publishing and photography will help step things up a notch both for Hurly Burly and Misspent Summers in general. Stay tuned for information on the new team member as well as our 2019 projects.

Misspent Summers Store

It’s taken a while, but we will finally, at long last, be launching a store on this website. This will be a place where our supporters can purchase bundle packs of our books at discounted rates, as well as a range of fresh t-shirts, posters and other merchandise. We’ve focused on what’s most important to the foundations of this publishing venture – creating quality print – for the first two years of Misspent Summers. But now it’s time to step things up. We’ll soon be announcing a new staff member as well as our next print projects, so hopefully the store will be finished not long afterwards…


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