Let’s Get Ready to Corner: B&M

Gooooood evening ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the inaugural B&M rut slapping contest, coming to you live from deep in some of the darkest woods of the United Kingdom. The riders have been training hard, the video folks have been pressing buttons even harder so without further ado:


In the red corner, we have Martha Gill on the bike and Tommy C on the buttons. The top 10 at EWS Zermatt was evidently just a warm up for a season of English slop and we can see that it has paid off. Expect zero traction and all the action.

And in the Blue corner, hailing from the highlands of Scotland, we have two heavyweights of the cornering scene. It’s a double helping of Joe’s, with Connell on bike duty and Barnes on both bike and camera. Responsible for instant classics like 1£ Fish, these guys come into this head to head with strong pedigree.

Who will come out on top? There is only one way to find out…..



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