Manic Mountain Biking Astroids: B&M

One of the good things to come out of 2020 is that everyone and their mums have started podcasting. That’s not a complaint as we, as fans, get a near constant stream of interesting chats from the mountain bike world. This episode of Drop In with Veronique Sandler is no different.

There’s obviously something in the water up in the North Wales. Or maybe it’s just the hills. Either way, two of the countries best bike parks, Dyfi and Revolution, are up there and attached to each one a group of professional riders. 

Over at Dyfi you have the Athertons. They’ve all raced World Cups, Rachel has won more than I can remember, Gee has launched himself down insane lines and Dan has built it all. To make a tenuous (and highly debatable) link to a Welsh band, I’m going to say they’re the Manic Street Preachers of mountain biking – they’ve done it all before and they have done it well.

Revolution is all about the new school though, which given it’s name I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise. With the Seagraves, Kade and the Sandlers leading the charge, they are tearing up the rule book. To continue my tenuous (and still highly debatable) link to Welsh bands, they are the equivalent of The Astroid Boys – combining all sorts of riding to great effect.


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