Fabio Fantasio is a lively character. He likes to ride bikes. Knows a trick or two. And he’s got an idea.

He’s going to launch a series of how-to videos called, ingeniously, How-to Bicycle.

Each sketch – sorry, instructional film – will inform its viewer how to deal with what can be seen as barriers into cycling.

Weather? Not a problem for Fabio: he’s fabricated a massive awning over his bike.
Bumpy ground? Fabio’s invented a way of smoothing it out.
Steep descents? Just throw down the anchor.
Lacking motivation? Simple, you need a carrot (well, ice cream) on a stick.
Food shopping? Supermarket trolleys have wheels, too.

But the unignorable truth is a Marin does it all for you, as proved by the Muirwoods rider who overtakes him every time he goes for a ride.

Fabio is a Marin superfan, and to demonstrate each invention he will be riding a badly rebranded classic road bike.

Each film will be shot in a semi-DIY fashion. Fabio introduces the problem (‘Ciao I’m Fabio and today in How-to Bicycle I’ll be showing you…’). Then shows us his solution, before going for a test run.

Fabio’s friend and filmer Silvio rides alongside on a classic Vespa while filming the contraptions in use; meanwhile, Fabio describes the beauty of cycling in excited detail. In this final and main scene of each film, a rider on the Muirwoods cruises past Fabio and says, ‘Ciao Fabio!’

It’s subtle but entertaining, funny and memorable.

The answer to every problem is casually addressed by the Muirwoods rider as they cycle past (put some lights on and have reflective logos on your bike, change gear if you’re struggling for motivation, use disc brakes, get a backpack and some pannier bags for the shopping, etc). 

Finally, in the main edit, Fabio ditches his contraption and jumps on the Muirwoods for a shred around town, along the beachfront, into the hills and even on some footpaths. This will be a skate-inspired video with an energetic, slightly cheeky feel using a range of tight shots (e.g. up-close and in-your-face as Fabio pins it around turns), movement (onboard shots), humour (e.g. slaloming through coffee tables in Finale) and bike showcase shots. We also see the female rider shredding on the Muirwoods in the first half of the video.

Fabio is a real-life, but also larger-than-life local in the Finale area. He’ll be working to a loose script but also slightly making it up as he goes along – we are looking for something authentically funny (being mindful not to mock him, although he will enjoy playing up to the camera).

The Muirwoods rider is a Finale-based female pinner who is tall enough to perfectly fit the bike.

(All in and around Finale Ligure)

– Fabio’s bike fettling hangout area (sheds, tools, chickens, etc – basically where Winder lives)
– On the roads, streets and trails (being mindful of permissions)

TBD. Fabio’s made-up Instagram account. Marin IG (‘reposts’ of Fabio’s vids). YouTube.

– Several 30sec videos
– One 2min video
– Selection of photos
– Text for press release, and social and video posts 

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