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In this week’s Ink Shack, Jon Gregory has designed a super-nice enamel MTB mug with this ‘Bruise & Brews’ illustration. Get one, chuck it and a burner in your backpack, enjoy a day of optimal hydration at the trails. Try not to crash too much.

Bruise & Brews
Words and artwork: Jon Gregory
It’s beating the odds. It’s almost going over the bars. It’s the multitude of near misses. It’s that part of the trail that caught you out. It’s that moment you survived total oblivion. It’s when you made the gap first time without thinking about it. It’s floating through the air. It’s speeding through the trees. It’s soaking in the views. It’s getting it wrong and hitting the ground hard. It’s fluid and unpredictable. It’s that search for the edge, that fine line between control and chaos, pushing the limits, testing the boundaries of skill and reaction. It’s that special place, that feeling it’s impossible to describe. The highly addictive buzz of living in the moment, of rolling the dice, of taking a chance and hoping for the best. It’s the bruises we carry back home with us when we get it wrong. It’s the stories we share and the memories that spring to mind with a brew in hand thinking about our next two-wheeled adventure. 
— Jon
Ink Shack Misspent Summers
Jon Gregory Ink Shack Misspent Summers


AHHH. That’s better. The ultimate MTB mug by Jon Gregory.

Get the latest Ink Shack special edition product for only £20.

This is what you get:

/ 1 amazing ‘Bruise & Brews’ enamel mug

/ 50% off Deathgrip Book if you use the code ‘Bruiser’ at checkout (go to our store here)

/ Many virtual high-fives from us for your support, we appreciate it



MTB mug

When you are venturing out to dig and ride trails or heading away from home in or on your adventure mobile, you'd be foolish to leave without a proper decent vessel for slurping hot fluids. This cup has your mug all over it. That's the phrase, isn't it?

Must've hit me head. Bruise & Brews: a tumbling tumbler type thing that you need to own now.

In his Ink Shack, Jon Gregory riffs on mountain biking — well, bikes in general. Then he makes a limited edition product that is available for one week only.In his Ink Shack, Jon Gregory riffs on mountain biking — well, bikes in general. Then he makes a limited edition product that is available for one week only.

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