On Saturday we got up early and drove forty minutes across the island to a snorkelling spot that had come highly recommended. Beautiful morning sunshine and calm waters. We jumped in for a gander. Spotted loads of fish and a few crabs and sea urchins. We were expecting stingrays but didn’t spot any. Within twenty minutes we were getting sloshed around all over the place as the sea got rougher and rougher so got out…. into a freak rainstorm and high winds. You know when you open a hot oven and the heat rushes out and almost burns your face off…well it was like that. Really weird at 7am in the morning after it being relatively cool moments before. That set the tone for the day as it rose to about 40 degrees. I stupidly went for a road ride on Saturday afternoon after installing new brake pads and rotors. I thought the speed of cycling would create a nice breeze to feel cool in. Not only was it disgustingly hot but there wasn’t enough room for the rotors to spin freely in the new pads. Double whammy. I stupidly figured that the pads would wear down enough to free things up a touch if I carried on. They did eventually, about five minutes before I got back home a couple of hours later. I’ll put that one down to extreme heat/stress training and downright stupidity and try and find some sandpaper next time to try and wear down new pads before wazzing them in the bike.
Sunday I mostly sat on the sofa sweating and watching the ‘lympics, half brain dead from the heat.
— DoD

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