Misspent Summers

Once-over: Can of Waves zine by Max Nerurkar and co.

Cannondale magazine 5001
Cannondale magazine 5001

Max Nerurkar is a rider, skater, creator.

He’s a real scene shaper with his own ideas and style who no doubt inspires endless kids (young and old) to get out on a bike and express themselves however they want.

Nerurkar (aka 3dumb) is part of the Waves crew, a loose bunch of pals sponsored by Cannondale. You can see Max making shapes and getting blasted into the dirt in Alex Rankin’s awesome edit from Chiba Bike Farm (Portugal) or get clued up by reading WideOpen’s Wise Words.

This zine, Can of Waves, is issue one from Max, brought together by the man himself with some help from the folk at Cannondale. Hopefully the first of many.

At 1.25 iPhones wide, 1.8 iPhones high and 68 pages long, it is a little slice of reality that brings Max, Rat, Dave and Oily Pete offline and into a very nicely put together thing.

Max describes the crew using words, photographs, drawings and paintings. We get gritty on the road and at the trails in Europe and the USA, get the lowdown about his teammates, some insight from Bryceland (“I thought, ’We’ll go for a few drinks and see what happens’. One pub led to another…”) and generally enter into the world of some of the freest thinkers in mountain biking.

It’s a simple thing really. Short and sweet. But even when you’ve looked at it 10 times already today, you just can’t help having another flick through. Like Instagram, except it doesn’t do your head in (it’s really good).

Thanks Max and Cannondale for making this thing.

Check out Max’s website, 3dumb Designs, here.