Hurly Burly 2

Hurly Burly 2 documents the entire 2017 UCI DH World Cup and Champs season across 220 pages of high quality print (204 pages of editorial, 16 advertising) with a blow-by-blow account of the dramatic race season that took the tour from a frosty start in Europe to a tropical end in Australia – including all the battles, victories, weather and – dare we say it – punctures along the way.

The yearbook’s pages are graced with the stunning photography of Sven Martin, Boris Beyer and Sebastian Schieck, with reporting, comment and contributions from some of the sport’s prominent observers. Compiled and produced by Misspent Summers (Deathgrip Book and Eskapee Anthology), with layout by Jones Design Create.

Editorial Team
James McKnight – Editor, Publisher
Chris Jones – Design
Kerstin Kaufmann – Strategy & Marketing

Contributors and Assistance
Lauren Jenkins, Morgane Charre, Paul Aston, Alan Vexes, Ben Winder, Rod Bardsley, Kent Huffman, Ric Mclaughlin, Chris Kilmurray, Ben Arnott, Alan Milway, Tom Duncan, Thibaut Ruffin, Martin Whiteley, James Smurthwaite, Nathan Hughes, Isac Paddock

Key Photographers
Sven Martin, Sebastian Schieck, Boris Beyer
Supporting Photographer: Nathan Hughes

A HUGE thank you to the following companies who believe in our product and the importance of recording every WC DH season in paper and ink.


Global Distribution Partners
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UK – Ison Distribution
Canada – Alba Distribution
Scandinavia – Sunshine Distribution
USA – Deity Components

Additional Information
Hurly Burly 2 is compiled, edited and produced from Misspent Summers’ virtual office in the UK and France, with final production taking place at Jones Design Create in Monmouth, Wales. The product is then printed at Cambrian Printers in West Wales and distributed from the UK.