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Pungy Pidcock: B&M

We’ve made it. Winter is a distant memory now and in the weekend just gone, tyres hit dirt in the first World Cup of the year. XC gets more and more exciting each year and if the past weekend’s races were anything to go by, this is a trend that’s set to continue.

You can get the results of all the races in the video above, but I’m going to pluck out one ride that stood out from the rest. That of the young Yorkshireman, Tom Pidcock. 

Pidcock started the race in 100th place. By the second lap, he was in 6th. He ended up finishing the race in 5th place. That alone would be an insane achievement, but just too add to it, he also got a pungy (flat). 

This is all off the back of an intense classics season on the road bike. These races are notoriously brutal and fast, and it was Pidcock’s first time racing them. Despite this, he wasn’t just making up the numbers, he was right there at the sharp end with the fastest riders on the planet. 

These kids, eh?


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