Rails to Trails – snowy fat bike adventure: Friday Expedition

We’ve been lost in the wilderness of Meltdown production and shipping for some time now, but finally we are out of the woods and back to running Misspent Summers. And boy, have we got some stuff lined up for 2021.

But first, an interlude. It’s Friday after all. I mean, why talk shop when we could be watching beautifully filmed mountain bike videos? Joonas Vinnari, a contributor to our Meltdown MTB yearbook, recently put together this short film from a trip up north – waaay up north – in his native Finland.

Fat bikes, snowy trails, minus temperatures and a whole load of mystery. That’s what weekend expeditions are all about. Well, not usually the fat bikes, but anything with two wheels is good fun, isn’t it? We think so. Read the story of this trip, check out some stunning photos, and find out about the kit the riders used here.

From Kona Mountain Bikes:

During this time of social distancing we have been forced to change our ways of riding and adventuring. A winter riding camp somewhere warm, like Mallorca or Madeira, would have been the norm just a year ago. Not anymore! We had to look the other way for an adventure ride – to the cold, wild north. Follow bikepacking guide Timo Veijalainen as he takes Kona Ambassador Erkki Punttila and former Kona Factory DH team rider Antti-Pekka Laiho on a wintery two-wheeled adventure through the magical landscape of Kiilopää in Finland Lapland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park.

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