Rocking Downhill: B&M

Andddd we’re back. Excuse the brief interlude, but good ship Bangers and Mash was run aground for a few days due to an unfortunate encounter with some coffee. 

In that time, we learnt the unfortunate news that the Fort William World Cup had been cancelled for the second year running. This is pretty gutting for us downhill fans. Fort William is a special race and it’ll definitely be missed. 

All is not lost though, and if you’re in need of seeing downhill bikes hammered into rocks then look no further than these two videos.

First up, Gee Atherton in a slate mine in Wales. Need I say more? Gee already proved himself to be a worthy rampage rider with his Ridgeline video but he is evidently not one to rest on his laurels. Once you’re past the #sponsorsdream swig of energy drink the riding starts and it does the talking. That last gap is insane.

Second we have some DH bike hammering at the South West’s finest. Joel Anderson is well know for his exploits in the world of big jumps but here he proves he and his friend Toby can turn their hand to riding some fine old school downhill tracks. With not a groomed berm in sight these tracks are some of my favourites and I love watching a downhill bike being battered down them – Are you even trying hard enough if you don’t ding your rim?

I won’t pretend that these two videos make up for the lack of Fort William World Cup, but they definitely both have a good helping of DH bike versus rock that it’s so well known for. 


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