Saving Private Edmonson: B&M

Another episode of the Walk the Talk series is always welcome. With Ben Cathro replicating Tom Hanks, this latest video saw him take his collection of privateers, in the form of Mikayla Parton, Jamie Edmonson and Phil Atwill behind enemy lines in search of an elusive result.

Without the quite the same brutal opening scene, the mountain bike equivalent of the famous war film started out with some GoPro footage of a bike being ridden in the rain. Not quite the same, but the drama and story later delivers.

Losing one Private(er), Mikayla, to a big old over the bars (we’ve all been there), it was all on Edmonson and Atwill to pull through, avoid the sniper (roots) and fight on. Will they make it out alive and prosper in the light of a factory ride?

I won’t spoil the story. Anyway, I have probably eked this tenuous link enough, but for us racing fans out there, this definitely one the best bits of MTB media for a long time.

— HG

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