Shredder MTB Zine: Issue 8 Review

When did you last read Shredder? When will you next read it? The answer to question two is simple: as soon as it lands through your letterbox. Or perhaps right now, if you’ve already got a copy.

I shall open its pages this very moment.

(10 minutes later)

OK, that was the meaning of escapism. I stood up, left my computer and phone and walked outside into a small spot of sunshine. There I huddled down out of the wind, pulled my hood up for extra warmth, then opened its beautiful pages. Inside issue eight of Stuart Leel’s Shredder MTB zine is a selection of people and features and ideas and photos that represent the mountain biking scene as Stu (and people like me, and potentially you) has, does and would like to see it.

Shredder issue eight journeys through the likes of a Clay Porter interview and the inspired vision of the sport he has created in his many films and Sven Martin presenting an excerpt of his extensive catalogue of racing and lifestyle photography. The zine also visits the movers and shakers of the core riding scene right now. There are words with snapper Duncan Hague, lifestyler and nice guy Nico Vink, brand man Ferris Fairbairn of VHS, artist Toria Jaymes and front cover star Josh Lewis. Plus, it’s packed full of interesting design, opinion, and illustrations.

Quite possibly the highlight of the issue is the feature by Fast as Fuck, the crew that keeps it really real on classic Iron Horse Sundays. FAF is the greatest thing to have un-happened to mountain biking in recent times, or old times, or whenever in the history of the sport it is they jumped out of. Maybe they’re from a future when bikes have run out and people are rebelling against the internet machine. It seems the future is already here.

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Shredder MTB Zine Issue Eight 8 (2)
Nico Vink interview
Shredder MTB Zine Issue Eight 8 (5)
Shredder MTB Zine Issue Eight 8 (5)
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