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Spent 2 – a short story about why we made it


We just launched Spent 2, our latest mountain bike book-mag-zine-thing, and now have a moment to reflect on what went into it.

Literally what went in is an array of articles, images, doodles, jokes, poems, artworks, writing, reporting, pondering and much more. It’s 516 pages of everything we think makes riding bikes cool and fun and the best thing ever.

Spent 2 a mountain bike book

What also went in is an awful lot of time, effort, love, dedication, money and all the sweat and tears our team and contributors could give.

It’s hard to detail just how hard making something like Spent is, but we wouldn’t want to anyway. Because, no matter how many late nights and buckets of elbow grease went in, we’d do it all again at the drop of a custom painted helmet.

Spent 2 is a mountain bike book that took us months of work and years of experience to put together.

Spent 2 a mountain bike book

It’s only small – it’ll go in your pocket, as long as you’ve got a big pocket – but it packs a punch with its dozens of longform features and countless other bits and bobs and things from the depths of our brains. There’s even a wordsearch in there.

If you like bikes, you’ll like Spent. Guaranteed – or your money back.

Not only do we think it’s a nice thing to own, but also any purchases help us keep recording the history of mountain biking in our downhill and enduro yearbooks, our films and our newsletters. We’re only just getting started and hope to keep building on what we do – all thanks to your support.

Please get your copy of Spent 2 here.

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