Stone King MTB enduro race is launched

Wow. The Santa Cruz Stone King Rally launches today – and it’s going to be flipping amazing. We’ve known about this for a while and have been busting to talk about it. Basically, Ash Smith of Trans-Provence fame has spent the last infinity years searching out the best (really, the BEST) trails ever that will traverse the frankly ridiculous mountains that straddle the France-Italy border in the Southern Alps. If you’ve never visited the area, it’s vast, wild, spectacular, mind-blowing and time-forgotten. And it’s riddled with trails.

The riders who manage to get a place for this multi-day enduro stage race (and massive rolling party) will leave with memories to last a lifetime. We’ve had the luck to spend some time on the trails with Ash recently and boy, what a place.

Get your trigger fingers ready for when race entries open later this month.

Find out more:

From Santa Cruz:


The SANTA CRUZ Stone King Rally is the evolution of backcountry MTB enduro competition. 269km of transalpine crossings and 20153m of singletrack descending over six days from the Alps to the Mediterranean. Containing the same blend of wild adventure and gravity racing excitement that Trans-Provence introduced in 2009 and refined over the course of a decade, is now taken to new levels on a 100% original itinerary. Further details on the race, the route and of course entry applications can all be found at:

Santa Cruz Stone King Rally, Volume 1

The key stats: 28 June – 03 July 2022 Countries: 2 (~75% of the route in Italy, ~25% in France) Riders: 100 Days: 6 Timed Stages: 24 Distance (on-bike): 269km Ascent (on-bike): 8140m Descent (on-bike): 20153m

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