Supreme Chaos: B&M

Yet again Commencal come out swinging with an incredible downhill bike video. This time it is their young gun Thibaut Drapela. For the many of us that haven’t ridden a downhill bike in a long time, this will leave you pinning for a long travel tank.

The last time I rode on downhill bike was a rental Rocky Mountain Maiden in Whistler. It wasn’t the most successful day. First run, I thought I’d take it down a ‘freeride’ line known as ‘Shale Master’, off the classic ‘Original Sin’.

Long story short, I went over the bars, tomahawked to the bottom, and somehow came out unscathed. The bike had a worse time however and ended up with a pedal bent at roughly a 45-degree angle. Not the end of the world, but it did make the run back down to the shop somewhat interesting.

With a new pedal, we managed to complete another whole half a run before a friend had a run with a wooden bridge and broke his hand. Some day it was.

— HG

Side-note: We’ve been busy working on our Meltdown 2020 MTB yearbook. Phew, making books ain’t easy. It’s shaping up to be a thing of beauty, though. Coming soon.

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