The B&M Express – Day 2

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! I hope you had a pleasant night and are recharged for another day of berms and braking bumps. We’re heading north day so grab those jackets as you may need them.

Of course, we couldn’t leave Wales without calling in on the North Wales Massive. Our first stop is at Revolution and Dyfi, which offer you some of the finest slated based riding you’ll see anywhere. They are opening 28th and 30th April respectively and again, it’s a pre book only affair (definite theme appearing). 

As we churn our way blissfully back across the border, our next stop is Farmer John’s, which is open but advise you to key an eye on social media as they can only have 150 riders on site. From here, we pull for the double up and land cleanly (hopefully!) at Leeds Urban Bike Park before grabbing the train’s handbrake at  Havoc Bike Park . Both of these have a more dirt jumping vibe, but who doesn’t love being reminded how bad they are at jumping. Havoc is open Friday to Sunday, and Leeds is open 9 to 5, 7 days a week.

Settle down in the lunch carriage after this because we’ve got a bit of a pull ahead. There’s not much in the way of bike parks up here until we hit Danny Hart’s Descend Bike Park. Striking a lonely figure in the northeast it serves as the final stop for the B&M express. They’re open Wednesday to Sunday and rumour has it you’ll be able to ride like Danny after just 1 day there (I wouldn’t get your hopes up).

All that remains to be said is thank you for travelling on the B&M express and we hope you enjoyed your journey. Apologies if we missed your favourite bike park, but the train driver really does what he wants!

Mind the gap jump as you leave the train and go ride.


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