The BMX Classroom: B&M

When your brain can’t manage to keep up with what is going on in the video you know you’re watching something special. This Alex Donnachie edit is one of these occasions.

My complete lack of knowledge around BMX is probably to blame for this inability to comprehend what I am seeing. I’d hazard a guess that there are probably quite a few mountain bikers out there in a similar position. Fear not, as after much research I have managed to break down one of the clips in the video. Yes, you read that right, one whole clip. Buckle up and follow along below to learn.

Somewhere in England

4:10 mins – Rolling into an innocuous looking piece of street furniture

4:11 mins – Bunny hop to feeble grind (grind on rear peg whilst front wheel rolls)

4:12 mins – Grind in the above position

4:14 mins – 180 hop landing in a fakie feeble (same as above but going backwards)

4:15 mins – Switch to fakie smith grind (Now you’re on the front peg and the back wheel is rolling AND you’re still going backwards)

4:16 mins – Another 180 hop to land in a Smith grind (heading the right direction this time but still on you’re front peg and rear wheel is rolling)

4:17 mins – Transfer to Ice Pick (kind of like a manual but on your rear peg) then hop off street furniture whilst doing a barspin (self explanatory)

4:18 mins – fakie out (rolling the bike from heading backwards to heading forwards)

Mind slowly melts

There you have it. 2% of the edit broken down for you. Given it took me a few hundred words to understand what’s going on it goes to show just how high the skill level in the edit is.


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