The Summer of Digging Trails: B&M

Yes, I am indeed banging on about The Free Radicals again. For good reason however, as these guys really demonstrate that mountain biking is about more than big whips and Instagram edits.

The video above is from the start of 2020, but it sets the scene nicely. Basically, these guys travel around digging trails, riding and generally having fun. It must be a hard life.

Recently, Freehub have been running a ‘Transformed by Trails’ series, which recounts The Free Rads summer of road tripping BC to unearth (if you pardon the pun) the stories of some of the area’s most famous trails. Starting in Whistler’s old growth forests, they go via the big mountains of  Invermere, the vast expanses of the South Chilcotins, the speed haven of Mount Prevost  and the loamy corners of  Smithers,  delving into the stories of the trails, the effect on the communities and the work required to maintain them.

Alongside featuring interesting writing and dreamy trails, it’s always good to see trail building getting pushed to the mainstream. Trail builders are often overlooked and people forget the amount of dedication it takes to build a trail, so I say given them they limelight they deserve (if they want it).


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