The World Cup Fashion: B&M

To me, Tahnee Seagrave epitomises Tubthumping by Chumbawumba. She has fought incredible hard to be where she is today and has carved out a place for herself in the sport. This podcast from Duncan Shaw delves into her story. 

Alongside Tahnee’s racing career, she has a flourishing Depop store (think trendy ebay) on which she sells all sorts of clothing creations. 

This shouldn’t come as a suprise as she is well known for her custom kits. What I am really waiting for though is when World Cup Downhillers starts branching out of the bike market. We have already seen the start of it with Adidas dipping their toe into the market, and Tahnee’s signature kits have been very skate inspired but, it can’t be long before the flood gates open and it really hits the mainstream.  I’m seeing a Greg Minnaar line of suits, a Steve Peat Tweed Collection or a Kade Edwards By Palace collaboration. 

These are all make-believe ideas but it stands to reason that something similar may come along one of these days. Whether that is a good thing or not is a different matter, but I know I would be lining up to get my Greg Minnaar suit along with everyone else. 


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