To Eeeb, or Not To Eeeb: B&M

The world of podcasts can be quite a crowded place. Only after a few minutes of searching you can end up listening to a community newsletter in podcast form (a great listen by the way), with little idea how you got there. When a corker pops up then, it makes sense to whack it in the B&M archives to bathe in eternal glory. 

They touch on a few different subjects, but one of the big ones is the somewhat touchy (ha) subject of the E-bike. Now this is a big one for mountain biking. Comment sections all over the tiny world of mountain biking will often be lit up with raging debates about them. Whatever your opinion is though, one thing is for sure, the E-Bike is here to stay. 

Contrary to many comment section experts’ view, there aren’t really many arguments against them that hold up too much forensic questioning. When you consider that they get more people onto bikes and loving left handers, everything pales into insignificance.

That said, they are just not for me. 

Yes, I’d love to get more laps in the same amount of time and yes, climbing does suck a lot of the time, but I’m tired of having to charge things to have fun. Almost anything we use nowadays needs some form of electricity and the idea of charging my bike makes my skin crawl a little.

Does it even matter though? If we’re riding bikes we are likely to be sharing the same goal. That is, to have fun. Whether that’s via an electrified bike or an analog bike should make no odds.

As Ben says in the podcast ‘there’s a place for both’.


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