Trail building competition

the build

We want to see your most impressive builds, we’re looking for craftsmanship, creativity and dedication. High marks will be awarded for things we’d love to come and ride, we love jumps, berms, singletrack, awkwardness, interesting obstacles and things that make us say WOW.

*There’s not really many rules, we ask you to make sure you have permission to build your trails, and to really consider the damage to woodlands and the natural spaces we all love and cherish. Damage to these natural spaces will have an extremely negative impact on how your build is judged. 

the story

Tell us a story. Points will be awarded for the story behind your build. Have you turned your house into a trials course to keep you entertained during lockdown? Have you been helping out with a local dig crew to fix a trail that’s been in desperate need of repair? Have you learnt something about yourself? Or been humbled by the internet police and learnt from it?

the delivery

You can submit your entries to us in pretty much any format, we want you to get creative in how you send us your build. The more creative the better. You could make a zine, a video, a photo book, a painting, some fridge magnets, we’ll except anything (within reason). 

Judging criteria

Anyone. Anywhere.

Unfortunately not. We aren’t able to post any entries back to you after the competition, but don’t worry we will keep them and cherish them.

Well, that’s not ideal. But as we all know illeagal trails are part of mountain biking, don’t do anything crazy, respect nature, respect other users and bike riders. Keep the location secret. 


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