Trailside in mountain biking’s best destinations

A series of in-depth guides by Misspent Summers

We aim to uncover the world’s best mountain bike destinations, then tell their story through beautiful imagery, writing and design in printed, collectable books and stunning online presentations.


We are a collective of experienced and respected journalists, editors, designers and photographers who live and love mountain biking.

We have worked for, at and with the biggest media outlets and brands in mountain biking.

These include Red Bull, Pinkbike, Dirt Magazine, Mountain Biking UK and many more.

We produce and distribute the downhill yearbook, Hurly Burly, from the UCI Downhill MTB World Cup and Championships, as well as other yearbooks and custom projects.

We are passionate about storytelling and obsessive over quality.


Authentic cultural experience is vital in creating an unforgettable mountain biking destination.

We are here to tell the story of your trail town.

Through our guides we aim to inspire potential visitors to your destination.

We seek out the best stories, photo spots and locals to help describe the place in an informal, but informative manner.

Even purpose-built resorts have their own interesting stories, especially ones with enthusiastic teams shaping the next best-known trails.


Mountain bike holidays and trips are about more than clocking up miles in the saddle. They are as varied as the riders who participate and the disciplines within the sport.

But every mountain biker is searching for similar from a destination:

Variety of trails
Amazing surroundings
Quality, well maintained terrain

World-class riding is important, but most riders are looking for a great overall experience.

We’ve visited thousands of mountain biking destinations in several decades of immersion in the sport.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

Whether we are talking gravity or trail, professional or beginner, we understand the ins and outs of the ride.


Our guides aim to give a personal view into the rides, places, people and facilities that set your destination above the rest.

These stories and information resources are compiled into several tiers of media, to ensure the message is made in various platforms:


The core. Cool, readable, collectable short books, composed in a magazine style with interesting features and design, stunning images and useful information. These serve simultaneously as first inspiration and practical guides.



Immersive visual experiences hosted on our website, with photo and video elements, storytelling and useful information packaged into a professionally designed feature page free to access for any and all potential visitors to your destination.


Our guides are centred around the Trail Towns print and online series.

We come and stay at your destination for up to a week, get to know the place, people and trails, making notes, photographing and interviewing as we go.

We visit as a team of at least three: writer, photographer, rider.

We always bring at least one highly experienced photoshoot rider in order to ensure the best imagery.

With the results, we shape your destination’s story into a pleasing package that entertains, informs and inspires people to visit.

Trail Towns Package (POA):

Guide book

Get the Trail Towns stamp of authenticity. 100 copies included, delivered, in the package price
You have the right to sell the guide books as a retailer
We retain the rights to the book and its sales through our website
Additional copies at a discounted rate

Online Guide

A useful, beautiful resource for all, hosted at
Included in the package price
1,000-word written feature with 15-20 professional images designed into a pleasing layout
3 high-resolution images for your marketing use included in package price


Moving image – 5-10-min inspiring documentary film production
In-resort toolkit – branding and promotional material (posters, info flyers, maps, etc.) for visitors to your destination
Out of resort toolkit – branding schemes, advertising campaign material, social media content

Let us tell your destination’s story.

Feature in a trail towns guide.

Get the real stamp of authenticity.


For package pricing options and all enquiries, please get in touch below.
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