Trails without Trees: B&M

I’m a big fan of trees. They’re pretty much the unsung heroes of the country side – holding the ground together, sucking up nasty Co2 and providing habitat for all sorts. They also happen to make very good obstacles to weave your bike around. 

Chopping them down then creates some issues. The Glen Feshie estate in the Cairngorms has realised this and has started on an ambitious re-wilding programme that the Contour Collective have taken a look at below.

Having hit many a tree in my time I’m pretty well accustomed to them. From experience I’d say that the worst to hit are the commercially grown pines that the Forestry seem to love. They really don’t seem to move. On the other hand, I’ve had some fairly relaxed shunts into Silver Birch. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re silver(ish) which makes them easier to see, but for some reason I seem to bounce off them a bit more. 

Anyone else share this experience?


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