Val di Sole interviews 2022: Sven’s World

Sven Martin was out in Val di Sole, Italy, last week covering the downhill World Cup finals for Hurly Burly, our downhill yearbook.

If you’re a fan of Sven’s legendary interviews (we are), you’ll enjoy scrolling through all the soundbites below. We’ve divvied them up into ones recorded after finals (rowdy) and ones recorded after qualifying. Some are YouTube vids and some are audio files below a photo – let us know which you prefer.

We’ve enjoyed covering the World Cups and EWS races this year and hope you’ve enjoyed following some of the photo, video, zine, newsletter and audio stuff we’ve sent out from the races. We’ve kind of been experimenting with what works (what we like making and what you like reading) so that we can have a real stab at it in 2023. So any feedback is most welcome – it’ll help us make better stuff for real mountain bike fans like you and us.

All interviews and photos by Sven Martin.

Check out all the results from Val di Sole 2022 here.


Sven speaks to Loris Vergier, Camille Balanche, Dakotah Norton, Aaron Gwin, Andreas Kolb and Vali Höll after racing winds down

Amaury Pierron and then Eliot Jackson talk about rounding off the season and what’s next

Camille Balanche and Benoit Coulange’s mechanic Yanick Braun talks about a dream coming true with Balanche’s series title

Myriam Nicole calls Val di Sole ‘real mountain biking’ and explains how she’ll have surgery this off-season


Sven talks to Dakotah Norton

Finn Iles talks about his recent concussion and why he’s missing Val di Sole for the sake of longterm goals

Camille Balanche talks about playing it safe in qualifying to preserve her recently broken collarbone

Jackson Goldstone gets some tough love from Sven

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